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It takes a village.
About Us at VillageTalk
It takes a village.


VillageTalk, LLC. was established as a community of support and inspiration for anyone in all walks of life that may be going through tough times and need an outlet in which they can either look for help and guidance or give help and guidance to others in need, without judgement. Our goal is to do so with a consistency of professionalism and high quality. VillageTalk is derived from an old proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We were all children at some point and our lives are built around communities. VillageTalk is a community built and designed to allow self expression without judgement.

VillageTalk is an anonymous site so that anyone can say what they want to say without anyone knowing who said it. This gives you the freedom to express feelings that may be deep rooted from childhood and may not be fully resolved as an adult due to the day-to-day stresses of life. This is a place where you can receive loving, uplifting, and positive support with total anonymity.

VillageTalk is about the message, not the messenger. No one is exempt from the trials, tests, and tribulations of life. Where you are strong, others may be weak and vice versa. Please allow me to reiterate: VillageTalk is about love, hope, inspiration, and motivation. It is not about hate, profanity, or cruelty of any kind. We will be victorious in this ill age. We are all in this together. What is a VILLAGER? A Villager is an individual who experiences the inevitable peaks and valleys of this journey called life. Respecting and wanting change and expecting the same for others- giving love to those in need, and we all need love. V.I.L.L.A.G.E.R.: Victorious, Individual, Learning, Loving, And Giving Everyone Respect.
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