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Join the VillageTalk community and access any of our 15 different villages.

When using Our VillageTalk community, please keep in mind that our platform was created as a place of support and our slogan “It Takes A Village” means exactly that, we are a community of support.

Our villages are all based on different topics and a great place to get shared love and support for all of our villagers.

Please keep in mind that we are all here to support one another in various ways. We uphold high standards when it comes to respecting one another so please be respectful to that.

On your individual Villager profiles there are tons of features. As we are growing if there is something you would like to see added please let us know and we will highly consider adding it into our growing platform.

Why Join Us

Loving community of supporters
No pressure or judgement
Inspirational stories
Motivational videos pictures and quotes
Create your own inspirational page


Support Groups

Each Village is its own support group. Once selected in your profile, you can gain access for either needing support or giving support.

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Open Chats

Open chats allow you to have a base of villagers that you can socialize with anytime they are logged in. It’s a fun way to engage with new people without any pressure.

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Private Chats

We have 1 on 1 chats as well with villagers. If you just wanted to share your thoughts with one individual you can do so here.

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Our forums allow for open discussions. Just pick a topic in a particular village and you can communicate with others within the same interest.

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Empowering Videos

What Villagers are saying

“VillageTalk is a creative, fun and new way to really express your thoughts without judgement."

Bill Temnar
“I feel VillageTalk will be a great new outlet for many to be able to embrace for years to come."

Stacey Mera
“I love the “It Takes A Village” approach for solving a problem that has lived for always, we need to come together to allow real change to happen and with VillageTalk being anonymous it really allow self expression without being judged."
Jon Doe
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